[ Eye-Mind: Photography as Interface ]

Eye-Mind is a face-to-face workshop for contemporary photography and new media. The main objective is to explore and analyze a photographer’s work, its strong and weak aspects, and to provide conceptual and practical support for future projects, including communication and media recommendations.

Depending on the type and extent of the work to be discussed, three kinds of workshops are available:

– Mini workshop: discussion of previous works as well as of current creative issues. 45 minutes, EUR 100

– In-depth workshop: analysis of creative development to date, the current status, and upcoming projects. 90 minutes, EUR 160

– Project day: work on a joint and detailed exhibition or book project, including editing, sequencing and presentation. 8 hours, with short breaks, EUR 800

The focus of the reviews are the participant's works – a comprehensive and if possible chronological selection, in the form of a classical portfolio, an exposé, on tablet PC or laptop. Admission in order of registration.

Eye-Mind is an initiative of European Photography, the international art magazine for contemporary photography and new media, and is personally directed by Andreas Müller-Pohle.

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